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Sports betting is described as a way of predicting the outcome of a sporting event by placing bets. Nowadays, you can find new ways to bet on the sport via online betting houses. In this section of our sportsbook, you will discover the different types of online betting sites Malaysia sportsbooks offered and their features.

Different types of online sports betting products and their features

Sports betting is a betting platform or software that aims to bet on the sport. It has many features that are really useful for bettors at in good bets. So what are these sports betting products and their characteristics?

C-Sport Sportsbook Online

368Bet, better known as C-Sport on the Malaysian site, is one of the most popular bookmakers in Asia. They offer a wide choice of sporting events; to be local or international. For starters, you can bet on the World Cup every four years or on the NBA, MLB, Bundesliga and more. Here are the features that support:

  • Set betting options: C-Sports offers several types of betting options, such as handicap, Over / Under, Odd / Even, Total Goal, and so on. By clicking on one of the betting options, you can do this type of betting in the sport. In addition, you will see how many odds a certain bet is about to pay.
  • Live betting function: In addition to the traditional way of placing bets, C-Sport also offers bettors in the betting market. This option allows everyone to place their bets while the games or events take place. It's really handy, especially if you have lost the opportunity to bet on your sports.

Online sports betting I-Sport

Also known by Malaysian bettors as Saba Sports. This is a sports betting house that offers a wide variety of football events, such as Piala FA Malaysia, Super League and Perdana Malaysia League. In addition, there are more than hundreds of international events, live broadcasts and games played each month. Here are the best features of I-Sport:

  • Live Stream: I-Sport gives you the opportunity to watch your favorite sports live for free. This comes without restrictions, commercial breaks and high quality. The live streaming feature is not limited to desktops. It's also available for mobile devices so you can watch live games anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy-to-use betting interface: I-Sport offers the easiest betting interface of other betting houses in the Malaysian betting site. Easily navigate betting options and find games streamed live from odds table. Odds are constantly updated every minute for all types of sports.

Online sports betting O-Sport

Opus Sports is one of the pioneers of online betting in Asia. In addition to being an online sports betting house, they are also known as an online casino. O-Sports online sports betting is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers the most competitive odds and the largest number of sports events.

  • Great variety of sports: you can bet on more than 30,000 previous games and 10,000 live games each month. More sports choices than other online sports betting, including snooker, cricket, ice hockey, football, basketball, tennis and entertainment.
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