Online Betting Sites Malaysia Sign Up Bonuses and Promotions

Not only that online betting sites Malaysia offer Malaysian punters a safe and secured betting experience but also various rewards. These rewards such as free bet, welcome bonus 100% and special extra bonuses up to 200% can easily boost their bankroll and chances to win big. However, to take advantage of these rewards you must follow some conditions first. Nevertheless, these online betting sites Malaysia sign up bonuses and promotions will be advantageous to you. What are these?.

Online Betting Sites Malaysia Sign Up Bonuses and Promotions

Free Bet to All New Member

As the name implies, this is a bonus for all new members. This can be easily obtained by the members by verifying their phones numbers used when registering accounts at . However, if you and you’re friend registered using a same I.P address, you will not be able to get this reward. That is such a waste since you can win real money using the special promotion for new member. Make sure that there is no other player using your IP address so you can take advantage of this special promotion.

Welcome Bonus

This type of bonus can be found at all online betting sites Malaysia, but it has different kinds of bonus amount offered to new members. Some may offer rewards which is too good to be true; which ends likely. Therefore, you must choose a welcome bonus that is reasonable. For instance, welcome bonus 100% or 20% can be a good option. You see, the bigger the reward, the harder it is for you to meet the conditions to be able to withdraw. This is one of the bonuses which can easily get your bankroll a huge boost, so make sure that you follow each conditions so that the site will not cancel your bonus. They have the rights to do it without further notice, keep that in mind.

Special Extra Bonuses

There are three types of this promotion at the online betting sites Malaysia. First is the Extra Bonus 200%. This offer comes with a maximum bonus of MYR 700 and TurnOver of 22X. It can be used for sports betting, casino games and QQKeno. Next is the Special Extra Bonus 200%, a bonus for casino games and horse racing bets and comes with a max bonus of MYR 350 and TO 35X. Finally, Special Extra Bonus 150% with 15X TO and max MYR 350 bonus which can be used for sports betting and slot machines. All of the special extra bonuses can be withdrawn anytime. However, you cannot combine all three of this promotion, so choose which one suits your budget.


All of these online betting sites Malaysia sign up bonuses and promotions have their own terms and conditions you need to follow. Make sure that you don’t forget it so you can take advantage of these bonuses and rewards. And lastly, make sure you use the rewards wisely as they can give you a whole lot better chances to win big.

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