gsm 3g cell phone gps signal scrambler

Have you ever thought that, with only the hand signal shield, 2G can cut 3G phones and three GPS bands simultaneously, which is also the signal of LoJack, and the owner and the interference band DEICIDE? This is a dream now, those kinds of high quality and advanced gesture to the invention of the interceptor, only came here to launch the new handheld GPS LoJack 3 g cell phone jammer, of course, the handheld GPS LoJack 3 g mobile phone jammers, it can determine interference spectrum, such as the choice of key is designed.
But also have many other high quality handheld multifunctional signal block sale and, in addition to that hand can choose 3 g GPS LoJack signal shielding, and you don't need to do is to take action, to come here, and then choose the best. Then just called to see the details of this example, the "strong 15 w LoJack 3 g 4 g cell phone signal shielding device and antenna 5", then you can see the high power of 3 g 4 g LoJack details, of course, you will be a high performance desktop LoJack 3 g 4 g signal blocking, of course, you will be attracted to it.
First of all, this 3G GPS signal jammer is designed with four antennas, which can simultaneously cut off the GPS L1, CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS and 3G signals. The interference distance can reach up to 40 meters, depending on the signal of power. The jamming GPS signal has a high output power of 10W. As a result, the high-power 3G GPS jammer is designed with adjustable buttons that allow people to determine the distance and frequency range. The remote control also allows you to start/turn off the GPS signal jammer.

Leave the proximity of the jammer to prevent radio frequencies in the area. Scramblers typically cover up to 30 to 80 feet of space used to disrupt radio frequencies in the area. Electronic devices can be restored as long as you drive or as far away as possible.

Buy a four-frequency phone with four frequencies. Only two frequencies are used in the United States, and the other two are used in other parts of the world. While it's ideal to use a four-frequency cell phone, getting the best reception is still very expensive. The four-frequency phone allows you to change the frequency of your phone, which can only stop one frequency at a time.

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