This is a curious because, when you think back, you like oh, I've been doing this. However, back in the day, when I was about 7 or 8 o'clock Pokémon came out, they must "R" Us league in toys, so I was on display at the Toys "R" Us is very invested in the overall competitive league game card games, and video. I felt kind of stuck alternative friend, I propose and social clubs will hang because it is. I am sure there is a large animation stage as well. This is a great convention and to find an alternative, rather than school athletics and different way to meet people.

In high school, I leaned into the video game. In fact, Dance Dance Revolution with a party at my friend, I met my boyfriend, we have two kinds, over the years, took note of the e-sports together. We go to local events and online leagues compete together, and even joined the team game, PMS / H20, we keep the Team Fortress 2 team, and built-in e-sports network counterparts do anything they want. In 2010, thanks in part to my time with PMS / H20, I got a reality show also SYFY do, so it's actually a cool hand SYFY! This is called WCG Ultimate players.

Right, at that time, he went out to play the first South Korean GSL, where StarCraft leagueSo I ended up after him, I do a lot of content. Rocket League Items will do all the player interviews, and no one had a chance to see before, I will have a lot of content from Korea. It's like StarCraft II eSports is becoming time we've seen something like champions game series and World Cyber ??Games. We have not seen any personal command of the audience this game really. But around the StarCraft II came out when TV came out twitch, and real-time online play experience. It's really cool game coming out this perfect storm, a real big shot out, and then the platform, so that everyone can listen and watch. It was great!