Next gen update #7 has come to NBA 2K21

Next gen update #7 has come to NBA 2K21, imparting a few mild enhancements to NBA 2K21 MT the PlayStation 5S versions of the sport. Notably, players can assume to look improvements to player shadows and lighting fixtures all through daylight hours hours in The City. 2K Games additionally says that an issue that became causing slower loading times on PS5 has been resolved. Last however not least, an difficulty with accepting exchange gives in MyNBA Online has been resolved. This would not appear to be the biggest replace, but the adjustments must be welcome for those playing NBA 2K21 on subsequent-gen consoles!

Unfortunately, players have observed that this kind of patches hasn't pretty worked the way that 2K planned. Following the Tweet above, several gamers mentioned that load instances are becoming lots worse, with many mentioning trouble even entering into the sport. 2K Games has been advising gamers to restart their gadgets to look if it resolves the difficulty, but it does not seem to have helped. Some posters have additionally tried deleting and reinstalling the software, with constrained achievement. Judging from the sheer number of replies to the Tweet above, it seems the loading problem is a distinguished one.

Hopefully, the issue will be resolved quickly by means of 2K! Sometimes, updates can reason unforeseen troubles, and the publisher appears nicely-aware of the hassle. When the entirety has been resolved, optimistically the shorter load instances promised with the aid of theBuy NBA 2K21 MT replace will be the case. For now, enthusiasts will simply should wait patiently and spot what happens.