OSRS Zalcano Guide For Beginners

Zalcano, a demon and Skotizo's sister, was the rank general in Zamorak’s army. Skotizo was assigned by Zamorak to recover an artifact that was stolen from the Karamjan Temple. Skotizo took on the task only to betray his group and take the object. He fled to the continent to the west. Zamorak created Zalcano her brother's accomplice in her treachery and cursed her to gradually turn into stone until she returned to him.

Zalcano believed Skotizo had fled to Tirannwn's elven land. She was able to get there. The elves initially believed that she was the first of many monsters that would attack their city However, they were surprised to discover that to their surprise she was the sole one that walked the forests as if looking for something. Amlodd mystics soon realized that a curse is slowly turning her into stone, and this prompted the Trahaearn Clan to capture her to study. The Ithell and Trahaearn Clans teamed up to create a prison in the caverns of volcanic rock to confine her to the city. They successfully captured her, albeit with many casualties.

After her arrest, the curse intensified and an elf believed that it was the result of Zamorak already knowing she was not able to fulfill the mission. Through the use of Amlodd magic and Meilyr potions The elves discovered the reason she came to Tirannwn.

Though she had appeared to have slowly descended into insaneness, the elves chose not let her go as they had lost a lot of their brethren luring her in and they did not want her power to grow unchecked. Many years later, the elf who was studying the demon returned to see her in person and was stunned when she spoke, only muttering "Skotizo".

She is still in Prifddinas today and the Trahaearn Elfs who follow her regularly need assistance to ensure she is in control.

When the player is in the prison, Zalcano offers six attacks the player must be aware of as they attempt to defeat the stone demon. Each attack is repeated at random intervals during the fight.

Zalcano can stomp across the floor, causing stones to fall off the ceiling. It is possible to prevent these from happening by stepping just one tiles away. Boulders can be easily spotted by watching out for the falling dirt or pebbles, which will be followed by the falling boulder. It is also possible to identify the tile they are hitting by taking a look at their shadows in the dirt. Players who are hit by these tiles may suffer 40+ points of damage.

Zalcano will summon the demonic symbols of orange and blue. If a player is standing on a blue demonic symbol while attacking Zalcano using tephra that is imbued, it can increase their effectiveness and cause more damage. But, the red demonic symbols must be avoided. They will cause damage to the player and decrease their energy for running. It is a constant source of damage when a person is standing within it and could cause a rapid death if they're not paying at all.

Zalcano summons a golem on the edge of the prison. If the golem gets close to her, it will restore the health of her armor based on the health of the Golem. When the Golem is fully healthy and is fully restored, it will add 50 hitpoints back to her armour. The player may use the imbued Tephra to inflict harm on the golem. If killed the golem will fall 16-24 of the Tephra that is imbued.

Zalcano will shoot an energy beam in red towards the glowing red rock formation, in order to turn it off and shift its location. If a player is close to the rock formation at the time it happens, they'll take 24+ damage. These can be avoided by stepping away from the rock.

After Zalcano is down and the players have caused her damage, she will rise again. All players who are near her are pushed back by the shockwave, which causes small amounts of damage. The tephra is also destroyed.

Zalcano will randomly strike every prisoner with a flurry of tiny pebbles. While these can be avoided, players will only suffer little damage.

Players also suffer damage If they're standing beneath Zalcano when she has fallen. The damage percentage is lower than the orange symbol, and it deals 3-10 ticks of injury per tick. The risk will be there until Zalcano starts to rise again.

Before you can take on Zalcano using your Pickaxe, Zalcano must be stripped of her armour. This is a simple process that involves mining, smithing, and imbuing Tephra.

In the room there are four red glowing rocks that you can mine. To extract the highest amount of Tephra, you should choose the brightest rock. Make sure you have enough Tephra.

Then, you can bring your Tephra to the furnace on East side of room and make Refined Tephra.

Bring your refined Tephra to the altar on the West side, and transform it Imbued Tephra.

Now that you have Imbued Tephra, you can use that as a weapon to strike Zalcano and remove her armour. You do not need to equip the Tephra since it can be used out of your inventory. Once Zalcano has removed her armour and fallen to her knees. This is the point at which you are able to attack her with your Pickaxe. Follow this process three times to defeat the boss.

Zalcano's Attacks

Follow the above steps to eliminate Zalcano. Be aware of her special attacks.

Boulders - Zalcano stomps on her feet and rocks drop from the skies. Simply move one square away from the boulders to avoid this attack.

Demonic symbols - both orange and blue demonic symbols are visible on the ground. Sit in the blue symbol while fighting with Tephra for a bonus. Avoid the orange symbols since they could damage your body and drain your energy.

Golem – Zalcano unleashes an red ball full of energy. It'll land on the ground before transforming into an Golem with HP. Kill the Golem before it gets to Zalcano else it will repair some of Zalcano's armour.

Shockwave is when Zalcano emerges after having hit her with your pickaxe, she'll unleash a shockwave, damaging nearby players and destroying your Tephra.

Pebbles - Zalcano throws pebbles at players from all angles to cause a little damage. This is unavoidable.

Best Gear for Facing Zalcano in OSRS

There are several methods to identify the kind of gear that you will require to use in Zalcano. One is to keep energy from running and boost mining efficiency. Weapons and armor are not necessary.

For a safer play experience, it is suggested to wear a stylish outfit. This could be paired with either a Falador Shield or prayer book for an even more solid approach. You may want to take your phoenix necklace with you to be prepared for any unexpected situations. It's not as secure and can lead to losing your items.

If you're looking to increase your mining experience, be sure to equip yourself with Varrock Armour and a Mining Cape. You can also utilize the Crystal Pickaxe for a faster rate of chugging stamina potion.

How to Beat Zalcano

Mining, smithing, and runecrafting are three steps to take down Zalcano. Be cautious! You have to avoid taking damage while you do these activities in order to ensure that it works.

Making Tephra is a simple procedure. First, you must find a corner in the room with a glowing rock formation, and then mine it briefly. Then you can proceed to develop refined Tephra at an eastern furnace, before moving westward towards western altar for the imbuing of runecrafting.

To defeat Zalcano and defeat her, you'll have to take her down using your pickaxe while the blue demon is in-screen. If you can find one in the vicinity, stand on it so that throwing Tephra at her has a higher chance of hitting the target. When she has lost all her health from repeated hits by other party members and yours making use of Tephra and mining attacks (hitting), she'll be dead or retreat completely.