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Can a wig really make your forehead appear smaller

If your forehead is on the larger side and you are self-conscious about it, you may have considered a variety of options to try and make it appear smaller. I've done some research to see if wigs can help to reduce the size of the forehead so that no one has to resort to drastic measures such as surgery!

If your wig is properly placed and styled, it can help to reduce the size of your forehead. Lace front wigs, when placed lower on your forehead, can give the appearance of a lower hairline and make your forehead appear smaller. Certain wig styles and cuts, such as curly wigs or wigs with a fringe, can also help to conceal a large forehead.

Using Wigs to Make Your Forehead Appear Smaller

Wearing a wig can assist you in achieving a smaller-looking forehead without the associated costs, pain, and trauma that are associated with other forehead reduction options. Some people even go to the extent of having surgery to reduce the size of their foreheads!

Consider wearing a lace front wig.

If you want to wear a wig to reduce the size of your forehead, I recommend purchasing a lace front wig from this site rather than a regular wig. lace front wigs human hair have a very thin lace material near the front edges that frames the forehead.

The hairs are sewn into the material one by one, giving it a non-bulky, natural appearance. The lace is also able to blend in with your skin tone, which further enhances the natural appearance.

When properly applied, this material is almost impossible to detect and has the appearance of a very natural hairline.

When attaching and installing the wig, make sure to wear it lower down on your forehead rather than lining it up with your natural hair line. Because some of your forehead will be covered, you will appear to have a smaller forehead; however, you will not be able to tell that this is the case because the lace wig hairline will appear natural.

Another tip is to brush the baby hairs on your wig down to make your hairline appear even lower. You can hold these baby hairs in place by spraying an old toothbrush with a very light hairspray and brushing the hairs down into place. This will ensure that they remain stationary throughout the day.

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