The Hair Waver heats up quickly, so when you're ready to wave, you can

Fortunately, the days of wearing wigs only on Halloween are over. Because of this, we assure you that wigs are not in any way frightening. Ours are super simple to apply and look so natural that you can wear them any day of the year, not just on Halloween (although we do enjoy a good old-fashioned Halloween wig).

The purpose of this blog is to break down the steps of applying a wig so that all you'll need is a few bobby pins!
1. Begin by making your hair as flat as possible. Pro tip: If you have a lot of flyaways, you can use some water, anti-frizz hairspray, or leave-in conditioner to keep them under control.
2. Make two low pigtails behind your head and cross them into an "X" shape. In order to accomplish this, cross one pigtail over the other.
3. After you have crossed your pigtails, you must twist each pigtail as tightly as possible. This is accomplished by twisting your hair in between your thumb and pointer fingers until it is completely twisted.
4. Grab the end of the twisted strand and lift it up over your ear, bobby pining it in place an inch from your middle part. Once you've got it down, keep adding bobby pins nearly every inch or so to keep your hair nice and tight. Repeat the process for both twisted strands.
5. Now that you have all of your hair up, you are ready to put on your wig cap. Put your wig cap on behind your ears, about an inch back from your wholesale hair. If any hair is sticking out, tuck it in with your hands so that you have a smooth base.

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As with any heat tool, we recommend using a heat protectant. This is a simple step that will protect your hair from further damage. It is especially important to safeguard your extensions! Protecting your extensions, whether they are made of synthetic fiber or Remy Human Hair, will ensure that they continue to look fabulous for an extended period of time. While all heat protectants are designed to keep your hair safe from heat, some also function as styling products. Look for a heat protectant that also claims to be a styling product if you want to ensure that your look is flawless all day. On long days or for large events, I rely on Kenra Thermal Styling Spray. It claims to provide a firm hold that is activated by heat, and boy, does it deliver.

Start waving close to your roots by opening the clamp and inserting your first section. When your section is clamped, make sure your hair vendors wholesale is evenly distributed across the barrels so that the hair heats up evenly. This will produce the deepest and longest-lasting waves possible. When moving down your section, leave the last wave in the waver to create waves that are seamless and free of kinks. Also, remember not to pull the section down when waving; if you do, the waves will be softer and may not last as long. When you are moving your hair, it will be extremely hot, so make sure to wear your heat protectant glove!

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