Otherwise, SHiFT codes can be entered through Gearbox's SHiFT

Otherwise, SHiFT codes can be entered through Gearbox's SHiFT website. Players will need to make an account if they haven't yet done so, and connect the platform they'd like to have the keys sent to. Then, they should navigate to the "rewards" section, enter in the code, and the keys should be sent to the player's in-game Vault Hunter's mailbox.

With the golden keys acquired, players can head to the Golden Chest in the center area of Sanctuary III. It'll cost one key to open the chest once, and keys are somewhat limited. The loot does scale with a Vault Hunter's level, though, so it's recommended to save Golden Keys until later in a playthrough of Borderlands 3. That way, players are guaranteed to get the best loot possible.Borderlands 3 Class Mods

Borderlands 3 turns two years old on September 13, and to celebrate, Gearbox is running four Loot the Universe events, followed by two unique events for the final week. According to the post on the Borderlands website, players should keep their eyes open for further celebrations coming on the anniversary itself.

The Loot the Universe events have already begun. Similar events were also run last year so players may be familiar with the mechanics but for those that aren’t, each planet takes it in turns to have boosted legendary drop rates. However, only certain zones will be improved, and it will be up to the community to discover where is affected and what items are dropping there.
Ariticle From:https://www.gm2p.com/bl3-items/

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