I don't know whats OSRS gold happening

I don't know whats OSRS gold happening there far on the screen lmao. The thought to let you even have that much to put on your display is absurd, although I know this is pushing the UI to its maximum. Shouldn't be absurd, partner, its control to you, displaying what you would like. For the social butterflies, they can get rid of combat stuff, and for PVMers, they can eliminate social stuff. Clean UIs are pleasant although it might be overpowering to non players that are RS3 to look at.

What compels someone to examine something like this? It's like the subreddit is the Salty Spitoon and individuals are attempting to prove how hard they are. I've heard the assertion a lot that 80+ is articles for battle.

That's not true if nobody below the 2M played RuneScape. Less than a million RuneScape players may use barrows armor let alone have 80 in all combat stats. I like studying IRL trends and it's a bit similar here in that you can make inferences about future and the health of this OSRS community based on how people's stats are dispersed. A glut of people at high levels along with a rise up to those degree would suggest there isn't a great deal of new folks getting into RuneScape and material polls are preaching to an aging and existing choir.

The inferences would make somewhat more sense if I also knew how many accounts occur in Old School or if the Hiscores filtered inactive Rsgoldfast players but this is the best I've got with the information Jagex openly provides.