Some OSRS Gold know how to deliberately bypass filters, making them useless

Some OSRS Gold
know how to deliberately bypass filters, making them useless, and if we
create a filter overly broad, more articles are filtered than
warranted. This creates more frustration for users and much more work
for us while we'd like to avoid over-moderating. We may look in to
trying to revive a filter to get phishing email inquiries, but that is
something for us to discuss in private one of the mod team. The previous
filter was unable to achieve what was desired at the moment, so it had
been disabled for the time being. These articles do discuss an obsession
with other filters within our subreddit, so a number of them are
eliminated for different factors.We don't wish to be in the
spotlight for driving community discussion. While a few other subreddits
may have a highly visible mod presence, that's not something we're
considering. If we have an important message to get across, that's 1
matter, but mod articles from us are extremely infrequent.I
don't think anyone in any capacity expects a plug and play solution nor
expects anyone in the mod group to break their back for no cover.
Filters require upkeep to correctly function, take spam blockers for
e-mail; that has decades of effort to make sure the Nigerian prince does
not make it to your inbox and hell sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes
my 2FA ends up in spam, but we still don't delete a spam filter. I just
wish to explain that I'm not talking you at some presser or something
simply having a conversation.I believe this only strengthens not
only the argument for getting an Automod notify potential new posters
of the'gentleman's agreement', if not formally separating them. You've
got a virtual'desire route' going on where your community has made a
decision to segregate the content, don't you feel you need to hear them?
These are all growing pains and nothing that can not be sorted out over
the years, its one thing to say that no one gets the drive or ability
to maintain a filter right now but please don't make it outside to be an
impossible feat. I also feel like I'm at a soviet court house and the
bailiff was told to shoot the guy who jaywalked, bro you do not have to
delete OSRS or phishing posts in this example simply have automod remark
on it with info pointing people Buy Old School RuneScape Gold the ideal direction.

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