Brewster and the Roost will return to Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has received a lot of criticism due to the lack of game content. But this does not affect you Buy Animal Crossing Bells from ACItems to complete your tasks in the game. Several veterans are quitting the game and expressing their anger online. In addition, Nintendo’s failure to respond and an official statement were the most triggering them.

However, players still have high hopes for the upcoming update. They look forward to the developers releasing major updates and providing many features of previous games. In addition, there are some rumors about Brewster and the Roost returning to ACNH. Is Brewster's return sufficient to meet the needs of users?

According to reports from some data miners, Nintendo will introduce Brewster and his cafe Roost in the next update. Data miners found several in-game codes and confirmed the arrival of the cafe. In addition, the cafe will be located in the museum, just like many past works. Naturally, users are happy to see new features like cafes being added to the game.

However, the arrival of Brewster and Roost may not excite players for a month or two. So, after a month, users will be bored with Roost and will look for more amazing options. What's more, the new items introduced in the 1.11 update can no longer capture the interest of users.

Therefore, Nintendo needs a more reliable option to attract players back to new horizons. Back to New Leaf Nintendo released the Welcome Amiibo update, which increased the popularity of the game. Although ACNH has the best details and graphics compared to previous games, it lacks in many aspects. In this case, developers can try to publish new locations to incentivize players to decorate them with new themes. If you want to decorate your island out of the ordinary, you can Buy Animal Crossing Bells. They can also publish some mini-games to play with the villagers. Interacting with your villagers is one of the best features of the game, and it would be great to get an extra option to play some games with them.

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