That's when I thought it was time to create the ability to have pets in Runescape

Max, my good friend, will explain more. "The actual gameplay is designed specifically for serious gamers because you must log in every day RS 2007 Fire Cape. While you don't need to be there all day long, you must be logged at least once per day in order to compete. You feel like the top scores are reserved for those who play and pay every day.

I also asked many players: Do you think War of Legends will be successful? All of their responses were different, but they all agreed on the same fundamental concept. War of Legends doesn't stand apart. There are many games like it online and they are popular. Does that mean it will fail? "Evony. Civilization. The Sims. and other games like them are also successful, so it is."

This is one way to view it! There are many players! A different perspective? "No, it isn't going to be a success. This game is not unusual considering the number of similar games already exist. It has a limited combat strategy, and uses an "scissor paper-rock" system that allows little to plan strategically.

Jagex shocked everyone with their support for "JCredits" shortly after War of Legends was released. In other words to get an edge in the games you have to pay real world money. This seems completely at odds with their policies on "real-world trading". In-game items for real world money RS Gold Buy. Jagex seems to like this idea as long as they get the money.