Rsgoldfast - This concoction of yours might hurt me

It's not true I'm Drakan's chosen lords, and OSRS gold you can murder me! Safalaan will then be able to heal you even if you ask. He may suggest you leave however, he will first suggest you should check out the coffin. You can open it and speak with the vampyre lady within. What are you? That's the question I was trying to ask you.

I wasn't always an immortal. I was once part of the noble icyene race. Before this fae turned me into a vampyre and I became a vampire, I swore a holy spell on myself to protect my soul. Drakan is furious because I am paralyzed and my mind, soul, and body are paralyzed. I will remain loyal to Saradomin however, I would like to make a small contribution to Guthix.

She claims she would like to take a Guthix balance potion to eliminate her current state. She can give it to her and she will be dead. The room gets dark at this moment. It appears that my queen is now free from me. I'm not able to speak to you except death.

Drakan is threatened with death by Effaritay's screams. Drakan, now bathed in sunshine is not similar with the characters of the stupid series Twilight. Although Drakan is strong enough that the sun doesn't cause him to die, he is now at the level of 300. Mazcha can assist you in entering the room. Drakan employs an attack that is melee, which includes Blood Barrage and Zamorakian Spire, as well as a range attack that uses bats. Flail of Ivandis Special Attack on Drakan when his health drops to less than 50 percent. Mazcha will then pour Guthix Balance Potion down the throat.

You think your scientific knowledge is a good match to mine? This concoction of yours might hurt me, but it cannot cause me to die. You can't! I can. You're weak due to the potent drink. What would be the outcome for buy RuneScape gold your throat if you could do it right now? We must now leave. Drakan will only be killed if we take action now. Let's not leave him behind.