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OSRS Community understands what matters most

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Community understands what matters most

Unironically true for good reason. It matters most to say no more to match altering op upgrades. Bunch of heads would be op. They could balanced to make it not op, they removed the option for it providing you CoX. They were open not to polling it giving hydra activities, they could have easily corrected the weight to get rare slayer boss tasks(graardor, zilyana, etc.). Having a proper block listing you'll be able to find a boss job from Duradel over 50% of their time, with another 30% being quickly tasks or incredible exp tasks. Leaving you having to skip 20 percent of jobs, we have boss slayer.

Having the ability to do boss jobs is op. Runescape is balanced around jobs. This is basically free slayer xp and bonus damage for activities that people already do (bossing off job ). From now on people will do supervisors. You can state jobs that are certain would balance to be infrequent, but what is common? Which are common to Buy OSRS Accounts be assigned and it will produce the boss easier to get high kc in. Then there will probably be issues with overcrowding (there already is so this would make it even worse). Unless they decreased the slayer xp given then and eliminated the ability to utilize slayer helmet it would be making Runescape easier. They said themselves that's the reason why they shelved it and these are issues they cant resolve. Sorry but not sorry you will be getting your upgrade.