MyTEAM? Do not get me fricking started

MyTEAM? Do not get me fricking started! I had been bored with NBA 2K21 MT that after a few months! When they added the Kobe card, I thought, why not re this man's legacy right? WRONG!! I received the cardplayed a game or two, then looked at the needs to level him up, and then immediately said screw this and quit. Plus.I did not have PS+ this time around so I didn't bother trying to play against other men and women. KTV is really cheesy and dull and what is worse? Unskippable! I do it 2K! You have relations with all the NBA! I DON'T WANNA HEAR WHAT KARL ANTHONY TOWNS DOES IN HIS SPARE TIME!!!

I understand what you're thinking; [add somthing about my ability, the quantity of time I've as a result of pandemic, etc. here], and I would like you to know,'' NBA 2K21 is graded E so it's intended for people of all ages to perform, irrespective of skill level. However.NBA 2K21 does not seem to want to create NBA 2K21 a little more accessible to the young ones as the.wait I am rambling! Sorry. Anyways! Here's the takeaway!

I need 2K21 to be boring! I would like to be able to sink hours into it and have some thing to do! The 2K Events are a nice change of pace here and there, but once they are gone, what then? What am I supposed to do until the next one? Having some extra daily aim in MyCAREER is nice, but a number of them are rather impossible once you're at a low skill level or Cheap 2K21 MT a even lower OVR.