TD Ameritrade is restricting buying on volatile stocks

I use etrade (this component edited out at Animal Crossing Bells it was factually wrong, etrade did restrict gme and amc along with my platinum asshole whined )

Disclaimer: I am not buying GME in any hopes of profit, I simply hate citadel.

That I can only tell you what I did. About 3 days ago right after RH gave that message they were no longer selling'particular stocks', I made an account with Fidelity (took less than 5 mins to setup acc + connection bank). I then just did an EFT (electronic funds transfer) and I was able to use 100 percent of the money I moved instantly even though you do get some caution linked to funds moving when you get the stock straight away, however you can still purchase it. I'd tell you the exact warning but it already cleared since so I do not remember the wording. I also needed an existing account from an old job I'd forgot about so when I signed up I just had to update some information. If you put this up and run to a problem I can attempt to help you as best I could.

TD Ameritrade is restricting buying on volatile stocks, however from what I've seen they only increased the margin needs to 100%. Anyone buying a short squeeze on Cheap Nook Miles Ticket margin would need to be a retard. It's dangerous, and a reasonable position for TDA to shoot so that they aren't left holding the bag of retards who can not meet a margin call. It also conserves YOLO newbies from themselves, though I doubt that is TDA's motivation.