Should you use drugs to lower cholesterol?

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However, learning about the drug side effects like the side effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs is essential as it helps you research drug modification and alternate solutions. Let us know if one should use drugs to lower cholesterol. Usually, statins, PCSK9 inhibitors, and fibrates are commonly used to lower cholesterol.


Statins block the HMC CoA enzyme that the liver uses to produce cholesterol, thus

• the functioning of the blood vessels improve,

• swelling and damage reduce,

• platelets don’t stick together and

• plaques break way

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Statin also causes some damages like

• constipation

• headache

• sore muscles

• liver deformities

• increased blood glucose levels and

• reversible retention issues

PKSK9 inhibitors

They attach themselves to a type of liver protein that reduces LDL cholesterol. Usually prescribed with statins, PkSK9 inhibitors are for people at the risk of cardiological disease and cannot lower cholesterol through other methods. A medical science assignment helper can give more profound knowledge of the functioning of PKSK9 inhibitors. However, using PKSK9 inhibitors causes

• Pain,

• Myalgia,

• Back pain,

• Symptoms similar to common cold and

• Backache


Fibrates increase HDL level in blood and purify it from triglycerides, the stored unburnt fat of the food you consumed.

Consuming fibrates may leave you with

• Constipation or diarrhea

• Weight loss

• Bloating

• Pain in the stomach, head, and back

• Muscle pain

Lifestyle changes

• Eating healthy foods like fibers, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish

• Physical exercise, yoga, and meditation

• Stop smoking and reduced alcohol consumption

Natural remedies

Including garlic, oat bran, artichoke, and barley in your daily diet may reduce the cholesterol level of your blood. If you are writing an assignment on the natural alternatives of cholesterol-lowering drugs get assignment help from any assignment writing service to make your writing engaging.

To conclude, whether a patient at the risk of or suffering from heart disease should consume cholesterol-lowering drugs or take the natural remedies depends on the disease's acuteness. They should consult your physician to take the right step.

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