Wireless jammer prevents hackers and protects your privacy

If you turn on the wireless jammer, you can completely interrupt the wireless signal transmission. Can effectively prevent hackers from entering your computer or smart device on a wireless network. You don't have to worry about your cybersecurity and privacy.

When you connect to free WiFi in public places, your phone's background may be quietly clicking AD. The release of the new key of the WiFi network sharing platform "China Public WiFi Security Report for the first half of 2017" shows that in hotspot surveillance incidents, more than 99% of passive network risks are aimed at manipulating users by clicking on ads.

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If some criminals are stealing your privacy through WiFi network sharing platform and you haven't even noticed that your information has been disclosed, it is very scary. So we should pay more attention to the security of electronic information, not speed it up. Connect to the public network at will so we can block the fraudster's door.

Version 1.2 of the Bluetooth protocol was expanded to include so-called adaptive frequency hopping, with which the data stream can change the frequency in a predefined pattern up to 1600 times per second. Highly noisy areas (e.g. heavily used WLAN channels) are excluded from the jump pattern. In addition, Bluetooth divides the 2.4 GHz band into 79 narrower channels instead of 14 as with the WiFi protocol. This explains why five wireless signal jammers in the immediate vicinity are not enough to sufficiently disrupt a music stream. The Bluetooth participants thus bypass the interference areas that we have generated.

Effective Bluetooth interference therefore requires an even broader interference signal in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. The trivial solution would be to use a magnetron from a scrapped microwave. This approach is a health concern for everyone involved and requires a 220V connection so it is not mobile.

Signal jammer is required in many places where people do not appear to be able to follow generally accepted rules of proper cellphone etiquette. Think schools, theaters, vehicles, or other quiet trains ... almost any place where conversations, text messages, streaming, etc. can be viewed as disruptive or even dangerous.

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Note that mobile phone jammer not only blocks your phone's voice and text, but also interferes with GPS, WiFi, and the police radar, which is most likely to cause problems. As noted above, the federal government therefore bans the sale, advertising, and use of cell phone signal jammers in the United States. If you plan to use the new shiny signal protector to feel a bit peaceful and calm, all you may need to do is install earplugs.