Bluetooth signal jammer interrupts radio signal transmission

In today's life, we are very dependent on wireless networks. Wireless communication is like two people talking. One of them speaks and then listens, and vice versa. What if a third person approaches you and screams so loudly that the other two can no longer hear you? First, they will try to continue the conversation, but soon they will realize that it is impossible, they will stop the conversation and wait for the lunatic to shut up. This is the case for many communication protocols. If you notice that the channel is busy, please exit. Therefore, the exchange of messages between these devices is interrupted. On the other hand, even if they try to communicate when the media is not free (such as other protocols), if the noise is too high, they will not be able to receive the message correctly and will not be able to communicate. We call this wireless interference.

There are a large number of malicious wireless devices that are deliberately designed to cause interference in wireless networks. They are clearly illegal, but they can now be purchased online at moderate prices.

These wifi jammer work as follows. They generate strong wireless signals, which affect the physical layer of the wireless communication protocol used. This means they can affect any protocol in a specific frequency band. They affect the first layer of the OSI stack, the medium. Therefore, any upper layers used for communication will be affected. Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, GSM, GPS, whatever you want. It's like a crazy guy screaming loudly in a conversation. Whether they speak English or Russian, they can no longer speak.

There are many types of signals that can be used to affect wireless communications. Commercial jammers that we can easily buy on the Internet use impulse jammers because this is the cheapest way to implement high quality jammer on a given frequency band.

With the increasing use of smart and digital devices, your webcams and smart home devices can become tools for government agencies and other agencies to intercept or steal your information. Currently, you need to use a desktop WiFi internet blocker to protect your privacy.

The radio coverage is getting wider and wider. WiFi is now everywhere. You can use WiFi to quickly browse the Internet or remotely control smart devices. However, with the popularity of wireless networks, there will be some adverse effects. For example, hackers can easily steal data from your computer via a wireless network. Or follow you through the camera of your smart device.

Hackers or technicians can easily control and track wireless signals. However, if you use WiFi to interfere with the device, it can effectively isolate the signal and protect your privacy and safety.

If you turn on the Bluetooth signal jammer, you can completely interrupt the transmission of radio signals. It can effectively prevent hackers from penetrating your computer or smart devices through wireless networks. You don’t have to worry about network security and privacy.