Though I have only been questing on my brand new f2p accounts

Imps would steal strange things that people do not really want or OSRS gold care for. They teleport next to you, steal the item, and then teleport a brief distance away. Thieves are normal humans that steal things that don't cost that much but people may want to hand onto. A mugger knocks you out and steals your things while your unconcience. They steal more valuable things than the burglar.

Though I have only been questing on my brand new f2p accounts, I've heard enough to make this proposal. Revenants seem even stronger than PKers... although it seems uncommon to find you, if you do you're pretty much screwed. So yes, unfortunately, this subject is about the yield of PKing to the wilderness, but not the exact same PKing. Mind you, I'm almost never PKed.

However, I appreciate that PKing has been lots of fun and brought a hell of a thrill. Even though I sucked at PKing, I liked all my efforts at it since it was such an adrenaline rush.

When a PKer kills a player, the PKer gets kill points depending on the level/levels of this person he murdered, and perhaps on wether or not they'd food or cheap RS gold could fight back. Really weak players will allow you little to no wilderness kill things at all, somebody around your equal will get you quite a few, and if you figure out how to kill somebody a good deal stronger than you... well, you get the idea.