I got a BSOD a few of days into PSO2NA play

You need to meseta pso2 turn "use the huge image overlay when utilizing a steam input enabled controller from the background" in the steam settings, in the interface section. In addition, you should run steam as administrator, because pso2 runs in admin mode.

Yeah, I already use the first choice, this is the only game I've ever seen do this. It's 99% likely because of GameGuard's trashy cheat protection, I am honestly hoping they ditch that monstrosity in NGS. I was a bit shocked to see it tbh, I haven't seen any other game running that thing probably since circa 2010 I wan na t say. And of course things relating to matches should never be operating as admin, it has been common PC programming practice because the Windows Vista era, we're way past this stage and should not even have to talk about it. Frankly I am surprsied MS let the game launch in their store with that instant inside since they're partnered in the US ya know?

Thank you for the thoughts, in any case I'm not beginning Steam using admin mode however , nothing with a web browser built in should ever do so it is a massive security hole sadly. Tbh I noticed that the PSO patcher really uses embedded online explorer to fill in it's bottom half, largely due to a script error that has been happening on launch of the Steam build every time, that's actually also a security issue particularly since IE never gets updates anymore.

Though I'm glad I can get any overlay on today since it's on Steam officially, that way I could actually use the controller, wasn't really very doable on the MS Store version. Speaking of admin though, it always asks for this before beginning the game, did on the MS Store version also, they really must fix that, I believe that is another GameGuard left too unfortunately.

But yeah GameGuard wants to go. It has proven time and time again in the previous decade and a half it has been around, it does not keep cheaters out, it does not keep RMT bots out, it breaks functionality on actual players' customer end, in addition, it generates instabilities. For instance, I can not use the alt-tab work from Steam input to jump out of the game together with the mat because GG cubes it. You also can not use push to talk buttons with external apps like Discord because of it. As for instabilities, I got a BSOD a few of days into PSO2NA play and was gritting my teethhadn't seen that BSOD type earlier, looked it up, and it was, naturally, something that was plaguing PSO players in Japan for decades, and cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta also gameguard related, on the plus side my PC wasn't broken, lol.