nba 2k21 mt cards and completely garbage servers

Hop measures are unrealistic, a shield is not traveling giannis space with one jump step, departure lane steals, broken nba 2k21 mt cards and completely garbage servers. You cannot own a match and also have it lag each 30 seconds, this isn't my link. Ping is in the single digits in all of my games.

The jump step needs a huge nerf next year, intimidator is broken, you do not even need to put up hands for a shot to miss, and imo, manages for days is op. It allows these idiots to dribble back and forth on the perimeter like we're playing 2k15.

Nobody in the nba plays with way. Even James Harden does not and it is not like they're attempting to replicate him.Issa video game at the close of the day. Intimidator is op and manages for days allows u learn to live without RT on shield... doesnt create cheap nba 2k21 mt coins crap tho. U say u dont have to put ur hands up for a shot to miss, then green the shot, feel like thats just more ability based.I watch your other things but I was not speaking about missed jump shots, I had been speaking about inside shots. You will brick layups and dunks. Why can't we hit an open set up if you can green limitless range threes at will that is a much harder shot?

2k20 has become one of my favourite games