Dominate the space? The United States deployed 48 sets of jammers in an attempt to paralyze the Chinese and Russian satellites in one fell swoop.

Whoever masters space will control the future. If you can't control space, you won't be able to win. Now the United States is practicing this truth with practical actions. According to the Global Times quoted by Bloomberg News, the US Space Force plans to purchase 48 sets of jamming systems by 2027, aimed at interrupting communications satellite signals between Russia and China "in the event of conflict with major powers." An official of the US Space Force stated that the purchased ground jamming system will be used to temporarily block the spacecraft’s communication signals in the early stages of the conflict, rather than destroying satellites. US Space Force.

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This time, it is relatively rare for the U.S. Space Force to directly list China and Russia as its space rivals, and to inform the world in an open manner. This shows that the United States is confident and confident to kill Chinese and Russian military satellites. Its confidence comes from its superiority in space. At present, the United States is the only country with a space army. The purpose of establishing this service is to eliminate space threats and prevent other countries from testing aviation equipment to achieve the goal of dominating space.

At present, perhaps only China and Russia can challenge the US space status. The anti-satellite weapon systems and ground positioning systems owned by these two countries are world-class. Among them, China's Beidou system and Russia's GLONASS system have global coverage and accuracy comparable to the US GPS positioning system. Once the system conflicts, as long as it is switched to these two systems, any weaponry can continue to be used and will no longer be controlled by the United States.

This undoubtedly prevents the U.S. military from playing its preemptive advantage. So the US military began to study how to win a space war? First, the US military may set up a "satellite no-fly zone," including ground launches and space operations. Once a country’s satellites are banned, the country’s weather, shipping, life, military and other aspects will be affected, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Secondly, in the case of no-flying satellites, the use of ground interference systems to paralyze the opponent's satellites. The grassland jamming system that the United States is expected to use is a kind of anti-satellite jamming equipment that is composed of antennas, receivers and reflectors that can be carried on mobile. What is the interference effect? In February of this year, the US Navy conducted a large-scale GPS jammer test on the east coast, and nearly 29,000 aircraft were interfered. This shows that the ground interference system is powerful.

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For the United States, directly attacking Chinese and Russian satellites is too costly and too risky. Using jamming systems does not have such a problem. As long as the signal from the opponent's satellite is interrupted in one fell swoop, it will be unable to use weapons to counter the US military. But in fact, it is very difficult to interfere with Chinese and Russian satellites. Take the Beidou system as an example. It is similar to the frequency used by GPS in the United States. If one of the separate positioning systems is to be shielded, it is very likely that its own satellite signals will also be shielded in the end, and the anti-shielding capability of the Beidou system is also It is very strong and can be equipped with various anti-jamming devices. In previous exercises with Russia, the Russian army tried to interfere with the Beidou system, but ultimately failed. This shows that the Beidou system has a very strong anti-jamming capability.

And in order to avoid the situation where the positioning system is paralyzed and cannot be used, most missiles and ships can also rely on radio technology and inertial navigation systems to accurately strike targets. Therefore, China and Russia are not worried that the United States is dominant in space. What's more, the US military will not be able to deploy the ground jamming system before 2027. This is enough time for China and Russia to deploy anti signal blocker.

In general, under the circumstance that the epidemic is raging, the U.S. Space Army's high-profile rendering is still to obtain more congressional funding to enhance the strength of the Space Army. However, China and Russia will not wait to die. If the United States is left indifferent to the militarization of space, it will certainly fight back.