Jammer Detector - GPS signal jammer

Jammer Detector is an application that allows you to detect the presence of interfering devices. In this case, your phone will no longer be able to make calls. In this case, you will receive visual or audible messages from the app. Response time is enabled. The working condition of the portable jammer depends on the hardware communication part of the device, usually between 30 and 60 seconds.

As one of the most popular WiFi jammer, this product is very convenient to carry and can be easily put into your pocket after removing the antenna. With a separate frequency band switch. The product is compact and easy to carry. It can block 8 frequencies and has a large interference range. The product has a perfect heat dissipation system and can work for a long time. The shell is made of high-quality metal with good heat dissipation.

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This is a 12-band multifunctional jammer, with super power and 30 W high power, the interference distance can reach 75 meters. The interference ratio can be adjusted as needed. The interference power is very stable.

We provide many wireless projects for telecommunications companies, Internet providers, police, military, security agencies and anti-terrorism agencies around the world. You can contact us to obtain specially designed models.

GPS jammer has equipment for checking signals from the US Department of Defense. It is difficult for a certain sender to import free TV, mobile communications or GPS signals). This includes electromagnetic waves, which completely or more superimpose the signal and waves of the interfered transmitter, thus rendering them unusable. Shame may be the same as the disturbed wave.

Interfering with GPS signals only requires very personal interference energy to temporarily or completely lose GPS signals. This is because the satellite hears the GPS signal over 20,000 kilometers around the ground through the ererung signal within a radius of about 10 meters. This means that GPS trackers can no longer track the GPS that is heard. An improvement of GPS interference is called GPS spoofing. In this case, there is a complementary drive that also simulates the satellite signal, for example. B. Maneuver enemy vehicles, ships or steering on the same route.