Back to the Fundamentals.

I gave most of my equipment and 2K MT money away when I quit 3 years back or so, therefore I have to start pretty much anew. I still remember harvesting papaya's using a fruit bat, so that I did that for 30 minutes for a grand total of 600k. This is pretty much my starter cash. I will do the papaya trick, but it's pretty boring to perform. Are aviansies still solid money? What is solid cheap buttocks equipment for moving there?

Even more, gets the"standard" outfit of the average combat oriented player changed a whole lot, thanks to newer gear? I recall the whip with a dragon defender, dragon boots, fury, fighter torso and dragon legs using helm of Neitiznot (can I spell this correctly?) . Wealthier players had barrows sets, bandos items, godswords, dragonfire shield and the likes. I feel these high-end gear has changed the most.

Back to the Fundamentals. Can there be any great combo/abilities I should know more about the new battle system? In terms of the action bar, how do I map specific abilities/prayers or anything ? What type of stuff can I map to them? Think about food, particular summoner actions (which need scrolls), that kind of stuf. If you want to hit up me, simply send a friend request. I would really like to get a few folks to speak with because the neighborhood chat was awfully silent, even in the GE. Might be because I'm on a neighborhood low-populated world though.

I've been fishing while writing this post. As soon as I struck 67 I'll hit the mattress. I am hoping I will see a few replies when I return! Solid cheap gear for scope is royal dhide, the full collection is 20k or something. Melee and magic gear is more expensive though. Prices have inflated a great deal since you left, so what sounds expensive is not really because you can earn money promptly.

The best gear for you would most likely be bandos/armadyl items, though you can not manage that yet. Barrows stuff is good too, it is not really that pricey either. A lot of the items you listed could be considered"junk" by some gamers, but the amulet of fury is still the very best amulet that I am aware of.

I am not good with EoC, therefore that I may not understand everything about the activity bar. You can either link an ability to it or an inventory space (this helps with falling logs and eating). If you want to link an ability, visit the range/melee/magic tab at the interface and drag one of those battle skills to the activity bar.As I said in that last paragraph that the only sellable familiars I know are Kyatt, Graahk and Lurker. Everything else might sell given time or a low enough cost but they will most likely be a substaintial loss. There just isn't much in the way of genuinely useful familiars under the Yip/tort stage and that makes most pouches market at around half their creation cost or lower. In otherwords the best method to minimize loss is likely not to waste time gathering the materials for the ones which make profit and create the ones that are fast, together with the time saved to Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins then remake the loss.