Bluetooth WiFi jammer and car jammer

A Bluetooth wifi jammer is a portable jammer, the same as a car jammer, which means you can take it with you anywhere. The battery can last for half an hour. If you have important things to do, you can carry it in your bag. Small size and light weight. Therefore, it is very practical and nobody noticed it. It can not only avoid interfering ringtones, but also protect yourself from other people's tracking, because it will affect GPS signal trackers.

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The VIP-300F jammer is a homeland security strategy made in the UK to protect the fleet. It can be installed in several modules and even interfere with the fleet to provide overlapping protection. Other vehicle interference products produced by the company also include VIP-300S, VIP-300T and interference VIP-300WOTS. The interference filter VIP-300S is a VIP-300F jammer with similar performance in modular design; telephone interference VIP-300T jammer will interfere with high-frequency and low-frequency radios; VIP-300WOTS multi-band jammer uses full-band scrambling and random scanning, which can interrupt multiple narrowband communications at the same time. In addition, the Institute of Automation of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences is located in Kiev, Ukraine, and GARANT has also developed a remote-controlled bomb jammer. The system includes interference antennas 12, each antenna can cover a specific frequency band, and the purpose of providing full-band interference is to form an RF protection zone around the vehicle. According to the company, the GARANT-type remote-controlled signal jammer can be installed on various vehicles including main battle tanks and armored vehicles, and can be modified to suit customer needs to apply to other vehicles.

Search online and enter the word "Remote Control Jammer", we will see a lot of information about remote control jammer. Have the following information: sell all kinds of car remote control decoders, jammers, remote control blockers, Chinese blockers, remote control cookies, automatic lock quick tools. After leaving the webpage, it is called the man’s phone number. It is called the three types of remote control signal large, medium and small portable jammer, which can make all the doors of the car within 100 meters, 50 meters and 30 meters without closing on the original car. The remote lock installation is also good. This product can be used in the production of all kinds of remote control car locks. It is subtle, strong and easy to operate. The man answered the phone and said that the popular car remote control signal blocker is more concealed and more reliable. Even if the owner locks the door with the remote control, the blocker can open it by himself.