PSO2 is currently eating my system alive

I've played for nearly 200 hoursand today while I was performing one of buy PSO2 Meseta the story missions fighting with the 3 with the 6 and the brand new 4(Zeno for circumstance here) it ended and I got a blank screen with the HUD. I needed to exit. So I rebooted I couldn't relaunch and I couldn't. It was duplicating itself into a different folder mutable from the background. I have found over 495,653 documents at over 174GB, what the frick? I can't play Phantasy Star Online 2. It's multiplying on my driveway and I have had to strip all the permissions so that I could get my disk space back. I see as I've looked about that it's an issue, but has Sega stated it is being worked with by anything besides they? I really adore Phantasy Star Online 2, but I'm not going to keep doing home maid service on a faulty launcher.

It ties into Microsoft Store problems. It's going to download and upgrade Phantasy Star Online 2 for you personally and does not come with the different Microsoft Store bugs. Yeah, I may have to. After 4 hours of wasting a fantastic portion of my sport day and removing all of the old documents I finally got it up and running but I fear it will just replicate again when I awaken in the morning. It's kind of humorous. It was nice. Then this update came out, while lots of people were having issues I wasn't and I am one of those victims. I will login after I wake up and see exactly what it resembles. Otherwise I may need to give that a try.

I fired the system up and was beginning PSO2 and hey look we get more desktop installing! I uninstalled it, then went back so I could actually remove it. Once more, stripped all of the permissions so I could remove it and clicked"Permanently Delete" therefore it wouldn't move to the recycle bin. FREEDOM!!!

I had been putting off PSO2 Tweaker for the"right way", but obviously the ideal way is the incorrect way until they mend it. The thing is though is the pso2 tweaker was the go to tweaker for enjoying pso2 jp for many decades, and the reason is for its microsoft shop that is buggy/bad. It functions for games which don't require a launcher but awful for games that do require one like pso2. Since it's coming in the future then you don't really require the MS Store to install pso2.

Though it was regarded as possible, it is still clear a lot of time has passed because PSO1 because Casts are now able to utilize methods, something they had been intentionally incapable of at that time. Evidence of photon advancement was the fact they could be applied to weapon use. While Falz Elder's sealing was a mere 40 years ago prior to the events of PSO2, there's no confirmation of exactly how long ago the events of cheap meseta pso2 were compared PSO2. I think the time period was within the assortment of 200 years.