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The above is one example of the jacked up pvp now occurring.There is actually a automatic process of it.That's primarily PVE though. I've yet to acquire a PVP replacement and EVE Echoes ISK trust me I've tried. PVP losses far outweigh PVE losses.I would love more individuals doing those.I could see myself connecting the Corp. my current Corp is super nice but I'm certainly beginning to move towards mining. Only got a Retriever.I'm actually focusing on manufacturing and mining. Do you know what corps are focused on that?Whoa is that a No Man's Sky reference?Yep, and my company that is focused on mining, production, and small scale PvP.Man that I believe I am gonna bail in my Corp.. I like your corp's focus.

Good video! Really like the best way to divide the reprocessing percentage needed to break even. Basically now it seems better to just sell ore straight up instead of reprocess.Also going to apply after my 24 hr timer is up. Much like in game name!Yea I'm sure there are plenty of corporations out there with reprocessing spreadsheets so that the gain from reprocessing off the industry is getting tighter and tighter.Finally a few fantastic content with this sub!

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. I lost 3 ships now after writing this so my cherry is popped. Totalling 600 mill. o7 have fun and fly safe.