MMOruki - Blog - It for certain delays the practice of discharging Madden NFL 21

It for certain delays the practice of discharging Madden NFL 21

Example, if they earn $10M from the franchise just sales, let the franchise staff use that cash to Mut 21 coins improve, and if they Make $30M from the MUT only earnings, let the MUT team utilize that cash. And take the earnings in the $60 package and divide it. It divides the team up, let each staff have creative control over their respective parts of Madden NFL 21, and they're not gonna lose any money cause they make more from microtransactions than they do sport sales anyway. Then it let us the diehard Franchise lovers have a slightly cheaper choice to get what they want because they won't play MUT anyway. And vice versa for the MUT fans. And there's still the option to purchase the whole thing. Then perhaps they'll see the earnings numbers and see that diehard franchise folks are still here and aren't a small percentage of gamers. It was just a idea, although I know this would never happen.

That's the problem. Smaller programmer or every independent is not going to have two tools to produce a game that can compete with madden. And here is the thing. If you had never played a football game and you thought that Madden 21 was the very first football game that's been set out then I wouldn't have these difficulties. I would be impressed by it. I would think there were a few things that could be worked on but I'd be happy.

Even though NHL21 is going to be the game year, I feel as this cements the fact that EA doesn't care imo. Is nobody going to say that there's a pandemic that paused the NHL season? FIFA and Madden have everything they will need to make a game. Champion for this season where we don't know if there's going to be a Stanley cup. It is modest but it for certain delays the practice of discharging Madden NFL 21. They do not have a great deal of contingency plan and you can be frustrated together there but that is not because they wanted to piss off their NHL fan base like most of you assume. But being irrational is exactly what this community that is racist welcomes all new men and women that are racist and thrives off of. If shit projects you draw shit. And there is a great deal of shit in this world.

I honestly wonder how the NHL feels about getting their license be utterly neglected by EA when the league is attempting to grow the sport. You'd have to think they are pretty displeased. Onder how the NHL feels about getting their game represented as a 1 man show that isn't even close to resembling how hockey is playedwith? The NFL power agents don't care that the sole"simulation" of their sport features blockers who just get a pre snap assigned opponent rather than react to the genuine ongoing play some apparently idiotic looking results. These dudes don't give a shit if game and the license makes cash.

The sole real change the NHL will create would be to force EA to knuckle down on the authentic racist names, which can be a large problem that's been highlighted for years. They'll try and make the sport more inclusive, and let's be honest, hockey has that"white sport" standing, by suggesting that more rap songs or some other stuff misguided wealthy men believe awakened kids enjoy is sprinkled over the top. On kneeling the NFL has done a U turn, I am half expecting a cutscene of buy Madden nfl 21 coins several players doing this, they will be silhouetted, to be showcased in Madden 21.