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This build is probly very best for RuneScape

Also I Only cast ice charms, And OSRS gold that I throw spells im 4-5 levels higher afterward, ensuring a hit and decent damage. I cast ice rush, and I had been expecting for a training method that could work and sick cast darkness or blood spells but just for coaching on NPC's. I train at Fist of Guthix right now, (I win every round:D) But is there a better place to train? I was expecting to go to castle wars to train on melee individuals would this work? Just tell me your own method.

I realize this list is very long but didn't understand any other way to post it. Anyways I have searched for more quests and have found a couple great ones, but I only wanted to know if there are any that I'm missing. Also, as a side question, together with my stats, if I be in a position to perform Monkey Madness? I am at the stage after completing the puzzle but do not want to continue unless I could make it. Thank you very much.

I am considering 3 different gear types. They are as follows... This build will be good for str training. Idk if the fury is well worth it tho. Perfect for pest control which is one of my fav miniature games. My next construct switches the fury using a DFS. This is the very best defensive option. Probly not as good for training str as build 1 because of the lack of acc because of no d defender. This would be fantastic for CW which I love to do though. Additionally, I would need to increase about 2 mil for this construct unless I oust the berserker ring.

This build is probly very best for dueling and good for CW. Perhaps even pest (high assault is excellent for hitting the portal site ). The question is"how awful?" If its not that noticable I may choose this. What do u think is the best? Could u provide a much better alternative to these while staying withing 30 mil? Maybe a bandos item? All 3 options are attractive to me. I only really need to know which high costing item is the most worthwhile (fury, DFS, BGS).

I'm a Runecrafter and one of my favorite items to craft is Astral Runes. I can craft doubles which usually nets me a HUGE profit but recently Astrals have awakened in cost. Because of this, I've had to change to buy RuneScape gold Nature Runes which I do not like crafting just as much.

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