Why students run away from hard work?

Students are usually happy when they do not get too many assignments from their professors. When the academic workload is less, they enjoy their college life to the fullest. However, as soon as they start getting more college homework and assignments, they start to complain and make excuses to run away from hard work.


Why do students do that; if they just like enjoying themselves, then why did they take admission in the college in the first place? Students run away from hard work because they take academics as a burden upon themselves. A lot of students choose a particular college or a course due to family and social pressure. A good percentage of students are doing a particular degree program not because they want to, but because they are made to do so either through pressure, or through some other ways. This is why many students use the best coursework writing services just so that they can stop worrying about their coursework. Students will be highly motivated towards their studies if they get a chance to choose any course that they want.


Not all students have the same mentality, so society should not impose things upon them. Even if a particular career doesn’t make enough money for the student in the future, he will still be better off in that field because he can easily be the best in it and hence improve his chances of settling down with a good and regular paycheck.

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